Welcome Note

Montessori education isn't a mystery; it's a wonderful surprise waiting for parents who take the time to fully evaluate their child's educational options. For most children it can be the key to a lifelong love of learning. We'd like to encourage you to visit CASA Montessori Academy, an inspired learning environment for boys and girls from toddler-aged through first grade. Discover the value of the Montessori environment, where children experience solid academic development, while at the same time achieving maturity, healthy self-esteem and independence.

At CASA Montessori Academy, we're committed to providing care and education that is unsurpassed in quality, and invite you to call and arrange a visit to experience our commitment to being a model Montessori school. If you're searching for something more than childcare or for a better education for your children, or even if you are just curious about Montessori, contact us today!

Why Choose Montessori

The Montessori philosophy is centered around the simple, basic truth that children teach themselves. This unique and progressive approach to early childhood education is based on the encouragement of the individual child to set his own pace and discover learning by way of his natural interest in exploring the world. The program makes the most of these sensitive early age periods of intellectual growth and allows a child to develop her potential and unique abilities to their fullest.

In a Montessori school, the specially certified teacher is not the repository of knowledge but merely a guide. Each according to his unique gifts, the Montessori teacher encourages the child to discover reading, math, art, music and science, individually, as a group, and at their own pace. As a result of this approach, a child is started on a process of joyful learning - a process that lasts a lifetime.

Through the course of a child's participation in the program, skills in muscular coordination, concentration, independence and discovery increase. The child is encouraged to be an independent, socially warm person with a positive self-concept, not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them.

The child is given the opportunity to be a leader or a follower, depending on the situation and can approach any task, organize materials and self and arrive at a desirable result.